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How can I buy HI with Card?
How can I buy HI with Card?
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Check out our guide and video tutorial here.

Is there a minimum or maximum purchase amount with Buy with Card?

The minimum purchase amount is USD10 The maximum is USD25,000. For larger purchases, please write to

Are all currencies supported with Buy with Card?

Currently, only USD is supported but we are rolling out other currencies soon, stay tuned!

Can I withdraw my HI purchased with Card at any time?

No, for security reasons and to prevent fraud, withdrawals of HI bought with credit or debit card can only be made after 7 days.

Are there any fees to buy with Card?

None whatsoever.

Why do I need to complete identity verification to buy with Card?

Members looking to buy HI with a credit card must have completed KYC as a prerequisite for security purposes. The verification also ensures that only the card owner can complete a purchase.

My Card is not supported. What do I do?

Currently, only some VISA and MasterCard purchases are supported, we plan to support other options soon. Please check with your card issuer first in case the transaction doesn't go through

Can I buy any Crypto with Card?

Right now, members can only buy HI with Card but very soon other Crypto will be supported.

Can I buy HI with Card in any country in the world?

The initial release will include certain jurisdictions with the aim to roll it out to more markets soon.

Where does my HI purchase with Card go?

Depending on the price selected, funds go either to your Vault or Flexible. HI purchased at market price is released immediately into your Flexible. HI purchased at discounted 1 year or 4-year market rates are stored in your Vault with proportional daily release into your Flexible for the chosen period of time.

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