Unlike other financial services platforms that spend billions on marketing, hi relies predominantly on word-of-mouth referrals to drive awareness and engagement. Everybody who signs up for hi is entitled to a daily reward of HI by simply engaging with the platform. Members earn additional HI every day when they refer friends to join.

At the moment, members may claim 1 HI per day, and also receive 50% of all rewards that his/her referrals get, including all downstream rewards received by them referring others, provided that they have:

  • completed KYC

  • refer a friend a week

  • and stake at least 100HI.

Do I get reward per referral on a one-time basis or for every time my referral claims a daily reward?

You get 50% of everything your friend gets, including all downstream referral rewards.

How many levels can I get new referral bonus rewards from?

A referrer will receive 50% of all new member bonus rewards received by referrals, including all downstream rewards received by them for referring others. The referral earnings apply for all downstream referrals, across all levels, in perpetuity. For more information on this, please refer to page 15 of our Whitepaper.

If the person I invite doesn't go through KYC, can I get an invitation reward?

The withdrawal of earned HI is tied to completion of identity verification (KYC). If your referral does not complete KYC, those rewards are not released. Furthermore, KYC is required for the purchase of HI and will be required for both deposits and withdrawals.

What does it means when the referral "chain is broken", as mentioned in the whitepaper?

You receive rewards when the people you have referred claim their rewards, and so if they do not claim their reward on any given day, you will not receive a portion of that bonus. You can, however, claim your own reward without a problem. You will only be missing out on that additional reward.

Where do I find the daily reward question?

Access the daily reward question via our Mobile Apps by clicking on the "Claim Daily Reward" button (gift icon upper right corner) and answering the daily reward question.

How can I find out who signed up using my referral link, and how can I communicate with them?

You will get a notification when someone signs up using your referral link. It will show up as their hi nickname. You can communicate with other members using the telegram group chat.

How do I refer friends? How much referral bonus do I earn by doing so?
A new user can be invited via a referrer's link (hi dot com forward slash your nickname) to a hi channel or by directly entering the referral code/nickname into the channel in order to be registered as a referral of yours. Referrers earn 50% of all new member bonuses and referral rewards that their referrals earn, including all downstream referrals.

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