As of 1 March 2022, here's how the updated rewards claiming and distribution works.

To claim and unlock rewards, members will need to:

  • On a rolling 7 day period, they must refer at least one friend to join hi.

  • Within 14 days of joining, they must complete KYC.

  • Within 30 days of joining, they must deposit crypto or buy HI worth at least 25 USD.

Head to our Blog to understand more about how active rewards unlock

What are “active” rewards?

Only “active” rewards will unlock, meaning those that have been earned by members who have passed ID Verification (KYC). You can now see an overview of your active & inactive rewards in the Web App, as well as which of your downstream friends have passed KYC.

ID Verification has been a criteria for rewards unlock since day 1.

Note, that if your downstream friends do not become eligible for rewards unlock via staking, but they have KYC’ed, you will still unlock the rewards you have previously earned via them.

Where do unlocked rewards go?

When rewards unlock on a monthly basis, they will move into Vault with a 1-Year Daily release term, after which they will become Flexible HI.

So instead of unlocking after a year as previously planned, your rewards will now unlock sooner, with a daily release throughout the course of 365 days.

To unlock all my rewards, do I need to buy the same amount of HI as I have in Rewards?

No. You can unlock your Rewards bit-by-bit by buying a small amount of HI to begin with. As rewards unlock from Rewards to Vault they become “staked,” meaning that each month the amount of rewards you will unlock will double.

For example:

  1. Month 1 If you buy 200 HI, you’ll unlock 200 HI from Rewards

  2. Month 2 You have 200 + 200 staked, so you’ll unlock 400 HI from Rewards

  3. Month 3 You have 200 + 200 + 400 staked, so you’ll unlock 800 HI from Rewards


Alternatively, you can buy the equivalent amount of HI and unlock all your rewards right away.

What happens if I don’t unlock my rewards?

Rewards that are still locked after 365 days from the start date they were claimed will be burned, starting May 2021. The daily rewards program will last until the entire “Launch Incentives and Distributions” pool is exhausted.

How can I get even more value out of my rewards?

Once your rewards unlock, you can deposit them in Earnings and earn up to 40% APY. Remember depending on how many HI you have staked, you’ll also be assigned a membership tier with additional financial and lifestyle benefits.As a further incentive, members will get a referral bonus of 10% and 5% if a direct downstream referral purchases HI under the 4 year and 1 year daily release options.

What if I can’t afford to stake 100 HI to become eligible for rewards unlock?

Based on the current 1-Year daily release price, 100 HI is approximately $25-35 US. While we appreciate this is not an insignificant amount for everyone, we believe it to be very reasonable based on the rewards to be gained and the additional membership benefits available – as well as the long-term potential of HI. If you prefer, you can invest little-by-little to get up to 100 HI.

What if I can't refer 1 friend every 7 days?

Word-of-mouth referrals have been a key factor in our growth to date, and although referring one friend every 7 days might seem like a big ask - we do think it’s feasible. If it’s not for you, that’s okay, we’d recommend you take a look at our Earn product as a more effective way of generating yield.

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