hi is building the world’s most user-friendly and functional crypto & fiat app. The app combines the functionality of a licensed crypto exchange with a next-generation digital bank, providing members with an all-in-one platform for savings, investments, payments, and lifestyle benefits.

hi's goal is to introduce the first 1 billion people to crypto with the most frictionless user experience, as well as, convenient on-and-off-ramps for fiat currencies.

What will I be able to do with hi?

Access hi by downloading the official iOS or Android apps, via the Web App, or via the Official Telegram or WhatsApp bots.

Currently available products and services:

  • Crypto Wallet - buy and store crypto and fiat

  • Convert - fiat currencies into stablecoins, crypto to crypto

  • Earn Yield - Flexible and fixed-term options, APY up to 40%

  • Send Remittances - instantly, zero fees, including via chat

  • GameFi

  • Earn Rewards

  • Lifestyle Benefits - including premium travel benefits, MasterClass subscriptions and concierge services

Coming soon:

  • Crypto Spot Trading IBAN Account - for fiat deposits and withdrawals of cash

  • Visa Debit Card - accepted by 60,000 million locations worldwide

  • Crypto Derivatives Trading

  • Forex & Stocks Trading

  • Merchant Payments

  • DApps Browser

  • … and much more

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