hi Play is a mobile gaming portal for members to compete in hourly, daily, and

weekly tournaments of casual games.

Members may purchase Game Chips with HI from both their Flexible and Reward accounts.

For every game, there is a small entrance fee that gets deposited into a prize pool. The top 25% of players split the prize pool and is paid out in Cash Chips that are convertible back into Flexible HI.

Access the game portal through the Telegram bot, or by heading to game.hi.com

Read more about accessing hiPlay our Blog

Beyond mobile casual games on the hi platform, we will also be launching a Play-to-Earn platform to support our members in their foray into blockchain gaming. In addition to being a guild that provides our members with in-game assets to start playing and earning with zero upfront costs, we will also offer educational content and provide coaching to improve performance of players.

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