Initially you will need to join a waitlist for a short period in order to get early access to the hi Debit Card.

Do this by opening the App and:

1. Select ‘Card’ from the main navigation bar

2. Browse Card Tiers

3. Select Join the Waitlist

4. You will need to hold HI tokens (by Buying or Staking) to upgrade to a membership tier

Once you have selected your Card Tier and joined the waitlist, you will be notified in the App and receive an email to confirm your new Tier.

How long will the waitlist last?

This depends on your region. For EEA & UK members, we anticipate the waitlist to last for a matter of weeks, not months.

I’m a hi member but not a resident of EEA / UK. Can I still apply to join the waitlist?

Everyone is welcome to join the waitlist and sign up for the card, which will be rolled out around the world starting with the EEA region and the UK. If you're not from Europe, don't worry, go ahead and sign up and we'll notify you as soon as it's available in your region.

Is the waitlist first-come-first-serve?

The waitlist is dynamic and your position is determined by the number of HI you have in Vault and Earnings combined (staked). Stake more HI to obtain a higher membership tier and move up the waitlist.

How do I fast track my waitlist position?

The waitlist priority goes to HI supporters. You can jump the queue by staking more HI and updating your membership tier. Your waitlist position might be shifted backwards if other members on the waitlist stake more HI than you.

How do I check my waitlist status?

You may refer to the dynamic update on the Card Waitlist page to view your latest position. Feel free to share it to your social media channels and tag us!

When will my Card be ready for activation?

Once the waitlist closes, you will be notified for Virtual Card activation. You will be notified both in the Mobile App and via email.

Will I be able to have more than one virtual card?

The number of virtual cards per member is dependent on the membership tier. Initially, members will only be able to order 1 virtual card, with a view to roll out additional cards at a later stage.

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