As a card holder you are entitled to a number of Benefits at hi.

Digital Subscriptions

Cardholders are entitled to rebates on multiple digital subscriptions, such as Netflix, Spotify, Disney+ and more.

Once your card is live, you will be able to select which digital subscriptions you would like included in your membership tier. The higher your membership tier, the more subscriptions you can select.

How will I be able to redeem my digital subscriptions?

Lifestyle subscriptions will be offered via a rebate model with the subscription cost being rebated to members in our token HI. Our goal is to provide members with a broad spectrum of lifestyle subscription options, so that you can choose the services you like the most.

Once your card is activated simply:

  1. Browse available subscriptions in the hi App

  2. Select your desired subscriptions

  3. Pay for your subscription using the hi Debit Card

  4. You will then receive the rebate amount in HI on a monthly basis.

Where can I browse the list of digital subscriptions?

In the App.

Is there a cap on the value of the rebate for each subscription?

Yes, this will be communicated to members in advance of launch.

About Hotel Benefits

We offer best room rates and other hotel perks at 5 Star Hotels around the world.

To redeem hotel benefits, simply send a message to our Live Chat, where a dedicated support agent will help you with your arrangements. Alternatively you can send an email with your preferred travel destination and dates to

About Merchandise

hi members will soon be able to redeem hi-branded apparel and gadgets through the App. We will reveal information about this in due course.

To see a full overview of the Benefits available to you, please visit the mobile app or:

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