We are launching the world’s first debit card featuring NFT avatar customization, with Mastercard. Eligible cardholders will be able to personalize the face of their card with an NFT avatar they verifiably own.

Initially available in limited numbers, Gold, Platinum and Diamond members will be eligible for NFT customization.

How do I customize my Card?

We are offering the opportunity for NFT owners to print their avatar on the physical hi Debit Card when it rolls out. Members will have to submit proof of ownership by connecting the wallet where their NFT is stored which then allows our servers to recognize the ownership rights. Once this process is complete, we will communicate relevant details on how to order your card.

More details to follow.

Can I print any NFT on my Card?

For aesthetic reasons, we recommend Avatar-based NFTs. You will only be able to customize your card with an NFT you verifiably own. NFTs containing material deemed unsuitable will be rejected.

I am a Bored Ape Yacht Club owner, will I be able to get my BAYC Avatar printed on my Card?

Certainly! Also - MoonBirds, CryptoPunks, Azukis Doodles & more!

Will I be able to print someone else’s NFT on my Card?

No. Only the verified owner of that particular NFT will be able to get a Card with their NFT printed on it.

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