hi offers some of the best rates to earn yield or interest on your savings, as well as additional lifestyle benefits. And the best part? There’s no lockup, you can withdraw anytime.

5 reasons to move your crypto savings to hi:

  1. Get 11% APY on USDT and 5.5% on ETH

  2. There’s no lockup, you can withdraw anytime

  3. Yield is paid out in-kind (ie. the same asset you deposited) every Friday

  4. Minimum deposits start at just 50 USDT and 0.1 ETH

  5. Straight away, via the hi app you become eligible for additional benefits like concierge services, best rates at 5* hotels and entertainment subscriptions

Get started in 2 easy steps

  1. Download the hi app for iOS or Android, sign up in seconds for free

  2. Deposit USDT or ETH, remember there’s no lockup

And that’s it. You’ll get a notification in the app every Friday that your yield has been paid out.

Head to our Blog for a tutorial on how to get started

If you don’t hold USDT, but you would like to make the most of this offer, you can deposit US Dollars via bank transfer into the hi app at true cost, meaning a 1:1 ratio to USDT.

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