About hi

More about our company, mission, vision, licensing and team

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hi Debit Card

Everything you need to know about the upcoming hi Debit Card

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Availability & Eligibility

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Identity verification (KYC)

Details about our "Know Your Customer" verification process

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Your .hi Web3 Identity - powered by Unstoppable Domains

Claim your hi nickname as a Web3 Domain for free - and own it for life

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Security at hi

Information on our financial and data security. Useful tips.

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Your hi Account

Creating an account, signing in, troubleshooting & support

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hi Rewards, Bonuses & Incentives

Earn HI, Get rewarded for depositing fiat & crypto, referring your friends and growing the community

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hi Mobile Apps, Products & Services

Everything you need to know about Deposit / Buy & Sell, Earn, Convert, Send, Wallet

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hkx.hi.com - exclusively for Hong Kong members

Everything you need to know about trading crypto in Hong Kong

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hi Benefits

Tier-based Membership Benefits at hi, depending on the number of HI you hold

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hi Gift Card

What better gift than the gift of Crypto

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Contact hi

How you can reach out to hi

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