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Card Fees & Limits

Everything you need to know about card purchase limits & fees

Written by Angelina
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We founded our company under the mantra of “make money for you, not off you.” Our card program is therefore designed to minimize fees as much as possible.

The hi Card is subject to some fees and limits on its use. Understanding them is important to prevent unexpected charges or declines.

We may make changes to Fees & Limits over time.

Fees and limits overview

Fees are small charges that apply to your hi Card in specific situations like spending abroad or in a different currency.

Limits relate to specific types of transaction in a certain period of time, and their purpose is to protect hi from fraudulent activity while still enabling users to carry out the payments and other actions they desire. Transaction attempts over any of the limits will result in the transaction being declined.

We review our fees and limits periodically with our banking partners, and we will communicate any changes to them well in advance.

The specific fees and limits depend on your membership tier, and you can see an overview of them in the table below.

What is the difference between domestic and international?

Domestic is your card currency i.e. EUR/GBP, international is any other currency

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