Where and how can I use the Card?

Your hi Debit Card acts just like a regular MasterCard Debit Card. That means you can spend at more than 90 million merchants supporting Chip and PIN or Contactless payments worldwide and online.

Your virtual hi Card will be automatically activated upon successful order and can be used for online payments.

Once your Physical card has been delivered to you, you will be able to activate it within the App.

How do Spend Rewards work?

Spend Rewards is money back every time you make a purchase using your hi debit card.

The % you get back, depends on your membership tier.

What currency are Spend Rewards paid in?

Spend Rewards are paid out in HI.

How often are Spend Rewards credited?

Spend Rewards are credited almost instantly, any time you make a purchase using your hi Debit Card.

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