Digital Subscriptions
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As a cardholder, you are entitled to a number of Benefits at hi.

Digital Subscriptions

Cardholders are entitled to rebates on multiple monthly digital subscriptions, such as Netflix, Spotify, Disney+ and more.

Once your card is live, you will be able to select which monthly digital subscriptions you would like included in your membership tier. The higher your membership tier, the more subscriptions you can select.

How many subscriptions can I get with my hi membership?

Your membership entitles you to select up to 8 monthly digital subscriptions, depending on your membership tier.

Where can I see the full list of subscriptions available?

Go to the Card tab from the bottom bar menu in the hi App and select Lifestyle Subscriptions from the homepage. Please note that due to market availabilities, not all subscriptions/ perks are available in every country.

How will I be able to redeem my digital subscriptions?

Lifestyle subscriptions will be offered via a rebate model with the subscription cost being rebated to members in our token HI. Our goal is to provide members with a broad spectrum of lifestyle subscription options, so that you can choose the services you like the most. Once your card is activated simply:

  1. Browse available subscriptions in the hi App

  2. Select your desired subscriptions

  3. Pay for your subscription using the hi Debit Card

  4. You will then receive the rebate amount in HI on a monthly basis.

Subscriptions have to be selected prior to the 1st of the month to be valid for that month. This applies to all subscriptions (i.e. members who joined on the 2nd of the month and selected a perk; or existing members who had already selected 4 perks and added a 5th perk on the 3rd of the month).

How do I get the rebate on my digital subscription?

  1. Select your desired subscriptions from the hi App

  2. Go to the website of the subscription you wish to subscribe to and pay for it using your hi Debit Card.

  3. Your rebate will then be credited to your Flexible in HI.

You will only ever receive the rebate back in HI, assuming you have both selected the subscription in the hi App and paid for it using your hi Debit Card.

When will the rebate be credited to my Flexible?
The rebate will be credited to your Flexible on a monthly basis, at which point the rebate amounts will be paid out in batches to all HI users. Please don’t worry if your rebate isn’t paid out right at the end of the month, as it takes some time to process all the rebate payments. If 60 days have gone by and you believe a rebate amount to be missing, please contact us via Live Chat in the App with details of the missing rebate payment. (This may occur from time to time if the merchant you have selected, in the geography where you live, is not recognised by our system).

What if I want to use my hi membership to get a rebate on a service I already subscribe to?

Not a problem, just update your payment method to the hi Debit Card.

Is there a cap on the rebate amount per subscription per month?

Yes. 12 USD a month. So if the subscription option you select costs more than that per month, you will only receive up to 12 USD in HI.

We reserve the right to adjust the rebate cap at any time, and to reject the rebate if we suspect any abuse of the rebate system.

Can I choose to pay for an annual subscription, as it is cheaper?

At this point, please choose monthly payment options only. In the future, we will look to offer other options for you.

Can I change my subscription choices?

Yes. But remember to update your choice in the hi App.

Can I subscribe to a service using my hi Debit Card which is not currently on the list of Membership Benefits?

Initially no, but as we expand the Card program gradually, we’ll roll out additional benefits around the world. If you’d like to submit any suggestions for digital subscriptions to be added, please write to

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