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Activate your Virtual Card - Quick Start Guide
Activate your Virtual Card - Quick Start Guide

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to activate your Virtual Card for the first time

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Virtual Debit Cards are now available!

Use your card to spend crypto & fiat at 90 million+ merchants worldwide where Mastercard is accepted.

Open the App to activate your card and start using it today.

Open the App to activate your very own hi Debit Card

Verify Details and Activate Card

Before you can start using your Virtual Card, we'll need to quickly verify your address details. Do this within the Card section in the App

Once your address has been verified, you will be able to activate the Card.

Set up your Primary Payment Currency

If you’ve already activated your personal IBAN (EUR/GBP), it will be automatically linked to your Debit Card.

Your Debit card is by default linked to the local currency IBAN. For instance - if you reside in the UK and have a GBP IBAN with hi we simply link it to your debit card and your default spend currency becomes GBP. Similarly for the EEA and EUR IBANs.

Set Up Your Secondary Payment Currency

Your Debit Card transactions are covered by EUR/GBP funds in your IBAN. Additionally, you can choose to pay with Crypto assets you hold with hi.

During Card Setup you will be asked to set a secondary payment currency. You can only assign 1 Secondary Payment Currency at a time.

You can also set your Secondary Payment Currency from the Debit Card page in the hi App. Select the option of ‘Set Secondary Payment Currency’ and select your desired cryptocurrency as the secondary payment option for your Card.

If your secondary payment currency funds run out, you either need to top up or assign another secondary payment currency.

Here you will see your USDT balance upto 90% and 80% of your BTC and ETH balances due to a maximum spend limitation.

You're all set!

You can now use your Virtual Debit Card to make payments online and earn Crypto rewards while you do.

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