Claiming your .hi Domain - FAQs
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Once you have claimed your .hi domain name, you cannot change your hi nickname, unless you purchase a premium domain at a later time.

Which domains will be available for purchase?

Currently, it is only possible to claim free domains, based on existing hi nicknames. Soon, it will also be possible to purchase domains, these include: all unregistered hi nicknames and premium domains. Premium domains include those with low character counts, and commonly used names and words.

Can you claim more than one free domain?


Can you buy more than one domain?

Yes, eg. if you already own sam.hi and you buy john.hi, we will allow you to change your hi nickname to john. Purchase of domains is not yet available.

You can replace your .hi domain as many times as you would like.

After replacement, the previous nickname and Unstoppable Domain cannot be used again. Eg. The previously used nickname and .hi domain cannot be used for transfers etc.

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