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Address Book

How to add a crypto wallet to your hi Address Book

Written by Angelina
Updated over a week ago

What is an Address Book?

The Address Book allows you to add and save crypto addresses —making it easier and safer to send crypto to your chosen crypto addresses.

How to add a crypto wallet to your hi Address Book?

From the Withdrawal page within the hi App, you’ll see an icon next to the Withdrawal Address field, which leads you to an Address Book.

Here, you can store all your most-used crypto wallet addresses for an easy and seamless transfer experience.

Navigate to the Withdrawal page and tap on the icon which leads you to this screen, then tap on Add New Address

Complete 2FA, and then input the following information to store your address

  • Address

  • Network

  • Name of Wallet

That’s it - after a short period of verification - you’ll be all set!

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