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Membership Benefits at hi
Membership Benefits at hi

Membership Tiers and hi Benefits

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Membership Tiers and Benefits at hi

Members get access to a range of benefits based on Tiers.

Earn status points to unlock more travel, lifestyle and financial benefits.


Your Membership Tier is based on the number of Status Points you have at the beginning of each calendar month (starting June 1st 2023).

Existing members will be granted sufficient Status Points at the launch of the membership revamp to retain their membership tier until the end of 2023. For those who have their membership tiers grandfathered in until the end of 2023, the amount of HI staked will need to be maintained in order for the membership tier to be retained.

Ways to Earn Status Points:

With the revamped membership program, members can upgrade their level by earning Status Points. Status Points are granted for various actions a member undertakes to help grow the ecosystem, and is not exclusively tied to HI purchases or staking.

  • Your Referral Upgrades Tier

  • Buy HI on App

  • Stake HI on App

  • Stake Crypto on App

  • Monthly Trading Volume

  • Monthly Average Asset Value

  • One-off Bonuses and Campaigns

Check out the full breakdown of ways to earn status points in the hi App

Monthly Caps

Enjoy exclusive rebates based on your user level with a monthly total limit in USD. Once you reach the limit, cashback will no longer be issued.

Earn Boosters

Deposit cryptocurrencies in Earn and get yield paid out in HI. Members get up to 50% added yield (APY).

HI Spend Rewards

Every time you make a purchase using HI with your Debit Card, you get a percentage paid back to you in HI.

Crypto Spend Rewards

Each purchase made with your Card using Crypto can earn you a crypto spend reward, with a percentage of the transaction amount returned to you.

Fiat Spend Rewards

Each purchase made with your Card can earn you a fiat spend rewards, with a percentage of the transaction amount returned to you.

Subscription Rebates

Members can receive subscription rebates. The rebate amount is determined by the membership tier.

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