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How to get started with the Physical Card
How to get started with the Physical Card

Activate your Card immediately via the hi App

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I’ve just received my Card! How can I activate it?

  1. Log in to your hi Mobile App and go to the Card tab

  2. Swipe left

  3. Hit 'Activate Card'

  4. Enter the CVC of your card found on the reverse of your hi Debit Card

  5. Boom. All done - time to get spending!

See the Video Tutorial here

How do I top up my Card balance?

To make a purchase using your debit card, you will need to have funds in your IBAN account (either Euros or Pound Sterling) or hold crypto assets.

Read all about funding your Card with Crypto or Fiat here

How do I set up my PIN?

Go to the hi App and navigate to the Card Settings page to view your PIN. Card PIN can be changed at any time at ATMs.

Can I add my Physical Card to Apple/Google Pay?

Not yet - but soon!

What will I be able to do with the Physical Card?

  • View your Card details

  • Spend in-store or online

  • Withdraw from ATMs

  • Manage / track transactions

  • Earn Spend Rewards

  • Get up to 100% rebate on lifestyle subscriptions

  • Redeem Travel Perks

  • Review and track your Rewards

I would like to order a Physical Card but am waiting for NFT Customization.

Don’t worry! You can place an order for your hi Physical Card now, and later when the NFT Customizable Card rolls out, you’ll be able to order another one then!

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