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About Premium .hi Domains
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In partnership with Unstoppable Domains - the leading provider of Web3 Domains - premium .hi Domains are now available for purchase directly via the hi App.

All hi members are entitled to claim their nickname as a web3 domain for free. Read more here

Premium domains allow you to purchase premium nicknames such as those with a low character count, or commonly used names and words.

Your domain name can be used across multiple platforms and is unique to you. Use it to:

  • ​​Send, receive, and store hundreds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with one simple human-readable domain name (i.e. .hi)

  • Use your Web3 domain across 600+ integrated Dapps, wallets, and exchanges.

  • Connect your PFP and social handles to your domain

Unlike regular domains, Unstoppable’s Web3 domains have no renewal fees ever.

Premium domain names are rare and exclusive and will be regularly released throughout the year. You can browse the whole list of currently available domains on the hi App by using the search function.

How can I browse the full list of premium domains?

Head to the hi App, click on the main menu and tap on ‘Browse Web3 Domains’

Here, you’ll see the most popular domains for sale as well as be able to search particular domain names

I’ve already claimed my hi nickname as a domain. Can I still purchase a premium .hi domain?

Sure you can! A member can own several domains of their liking

How can I pay for my premium .hi domain?

Pay with USDT

I’ve purchased a premium domain name and would like to change my hi nickname.

Once you’ve successfully made the purchase, you can amend your nickname directly via the hi App. Here’s how.

How can I buy a premium .hi domain?

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