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What documents are accepted for "Proof of Residence"?
What documents are accepted for "Proof of Residence"?
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On some occasions, we will need your Proof of Residence to ensure that we comply with AML and other regulations as a financial institution. Ensuring your residential location is also an important step in establishing your eligibility for various benefits, services, and programs that have residency requirements. We kindly remind you that failure to provide valid proof of address may impact your ability to access some of our valuable services.

If you've recently moved, we kindly ask that you update your address with us as soon as possible. This simple step will ensure that your proof of address documents are accurate and up-to-date.

Submitting fraudulent or inaccurate proof of address can lead to serious legal consequences, such as fines or criminal charges. It is important to take the time to gather the necessary documents and ensure their proof of address is both current and legitimate.

Types and Formats of Accepted Proof of Residence Documents

A valid proof of address should be a recent document, no older than three months, to accurately reflect your current residential status. We kindly request that you double-check the legibility and condition of your submitted documents. Clear, undamaged documents are essential in ensuring they are accepted as valid proof of address.

It is acceptable to cover some sensitive information, for example - social security number, credit card number, or similar. Please be advised that to verify the legitimacy of each document it must be as lightly redacted as possible. In the case of documents that were issued by banks, the following details must be uncovered:

  • The bank's name and full address

  • The SWIFT code of the bank

  • Your full legal name, address, account number

  • The account statement period and the issue date of the document

There are a variety of documents that are accepted as proof of current residential address, for example:

  • Bank statements* or Other Letters issued by Banks* (e.g. Building Society Statement or Credit Card Statement)

  • Utility bills (electricity, gas, water)

  • Cable/satellite TV bills

  • Internet service provider bills

  • House landline bills

  • Tax returns

  • Mortgage statements

  • Council tax bills

  • Government-issued certification of residence

  • Identification document containing address (Note that it CANNOT be the same document used for proof of identity.)

  • Tenancy agreements (Valid for the date of submission and containing signatures of landowner and tenant (s))

*It's worth noting that documents from some digital banks will not be accepted as proof of residence. Please feel free to check with our support team to ensure that a bank’s document will be accepted.

Suppose you happen to have a printed version of the document. In that case, we kindly suggest taking a photo or scanning it and uploading the unedited photograph as your proof of current residential address. For digital documents, please feel free to upload the original file. Just a friendly reminder, screenshots of the document are not accepted.

Documents that CAN NOT serve as Proof of Residence:

  • Mobile phone bills

  • Medical bills

  • Receipts for purchase

  • Insurance statements

Important notes for Submitting Acceptable Proof of Residence:

  • The document is dated within the last 3 months

  • You can upload the original file of the document or a photograph/scan of the printed document, screenshots are not acceptable

  • Must be in one of the following formats - .pdf, .png, .jpg, .jpeg

  • For photo/scan, the document should be visible in full, with all four corners captured

  • While you may cover sensitive information, your name, the date of the document, and the name of the issuer should be clear and legible

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