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I was asked to resubmit my identity document, why?
I was asked to resubmit my identity document, why?

How to proceed if you have been asked to resubmit your details

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It is likely your identity document was not accepted because it was not uploaded correctly.

We do not accept a screenshot or edited version of an identity document. In order to pass the identity document verification, you need to upload an unedited copy of your identification document. All four corners should be clearly visible and no part of the identity document should be concealed using a foreign object.

Try to re-submit your information again by following the above instructions carefully. For further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team via live chat.

The following tips will help you to go through the verification process faster:

  1. How to take a good ID Picture: Take the picture of the ID in a well-lit environment. Make sure all four corners of the document are visible and there are no reflections (if your phone’s flashlight is on, be sure to switch it off). Clean the lens, hold the phone steady, position the camera in a way that the picture frame touches the edges of the document. After the picture has been captured, make sure that the information on it is legible. If you’re not sure of the quality, retake the picture before submitting it.

  2. How to take a good Selfie Photo: When taking the photo, hold the camera steady and follow the instructions (this process uses video and photo camera), with slow and steady motions.

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