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Identity verification (KYC)
Step-by-Step Guide to ID Verification - Tier 1
Step-by-Step Guide to ID Verification - Tier 1

A step-by-step to verifying your identity so you can get the most out of your experience with hi.

Written by Angelina
Updated over a week ago

Step 1

  • Open your hi mobile App

  • Select Profile & Settings

  • Select KYC Tier 1 - Verify Your Identity

Step 2

  • Select “Continue”

Step 3

  • Follow the instructions to take a selfie

Step 4

  • Follow the Instructions to upload the ID document

  • Different countries accept different documents. Please click on the link below to confirm which document is accepted for KYC.
    Identity Docs | Sumsub

  • To pass the ID document verification, an unedited copy of the ID document must be uploaded, the four corners should be clearly visible and no part of the ID document should be obscured by a foreign object.

Step 5

  • Fill in your details

  • Select “NEXT”

Step 6

  • Review the information you have provided

  • Select “NEXT”

Step 7

  • Your details will then be reviewed by our system, typically within a few hours.

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